Guest Bath Update – 2022

Client had a 3/4 guest bathroom in a dark basement corner under fluorescent lighting. They requested a modern and chic upgrade, and after some deliberation we elected a simple Art-Deco style and fixture upgrades.



  • 100 sq ft wallpaper – $245
  • Sink/vanity – $308
  • Charcoal paint – $32
  • Light fixture – $108
  • 14 hours

Vinyl Plank Floor installation – The Pilates Ritual Studio – 2022

Business owner secured a lease in the historic Steam Plant building and needed a clean and crisp flooring installation to compliment pilates equipment and present a healthy and artistic concept.

We worked with the owner to source materials within their budget and meeting their aesthetic preferences:


870 sq ft vinyl plank



200 ft 3/4″ shoe



25 hours

Waste remaining from 26 boxes

We and the owner are thrilled with the outcome! Crisp, clean and perfect with the addition of shoe molding, caulk and paint.

Underground Greenhouse Landscaping Project 2020-2021

This home had a previous structure in the front yard which burned to the ground twenty years ago. The well support mechanics remained in the basement and for the interim years the owner placed 4×8 siding sheets to cover the hole.

The new homeowner was ready for a total makeover.

Here you see the wood covering the 12 x 15 pre-existing foundation which drops 5′ into the ground with concrete block walls and concrete floor. The well equipment remains in this space — pressure tank, switches, faucet, electrical outlet are already installed.
This area will become the private garden with hot tub, it is level ground while the backyard slopes roughly 6′

The yard before we started in the spring. The small raised flat wood area can be seen from this view.
Starting the greenhouse over the existing basement
Adding windows from an assortment of “found”
adding trellis and yard structures
creating a wall for privacy and yard division
Getting the assortment of “found” windows installed slowly. The plan is to fill in all smaller gaps with stained glass pieces over the coming years.
Here you can see the door open. The image does not show the stairs well but from the brick level there are five railroad tie steps and then two more steps down into the interior level.
The plan for this winter is to wrap the body in two layers of plastic. Underlying layer is the usual 6ml clear plastic, put up with furring strips on the roof joists and then attached at the base to the railroad tie footings. Then the entire thing wrapped with 8 layers of moving stretch plastic. Worked well. We have high winds out here and we’ll see how this holds up. Last winter we lost a few pieces of glass from the winds, plus with the remaining holes we would not be able to keep in warmth from the native ground temp.

Next steps are to build steps and decking in the floor of the interior. Currently using a couple of plastic steps from a hot tub. Also moving all geraniums down inside to keep for the winter. Installation of a remote temp monitor. Door handle and closure.

Next spring white paint.

Next year’s main project: front porch entrance on the house.

example only.